Red & Yellow’s Radio Club 

Music That Remembers When

“Love, love, loved their version more than the original!”

                            - Connecticut entertainment management

We share moments that remember for senior living

and healthcare residents, community centers, libraries and special events. With over 150 Great Songs covering six decades, each unique show brings back best times and big smiles – from rockin’ radio favorites to traditional and American Songbook classics.

We celebrate the birth of

rock & roll, when rhythm & blues fused with country & western to introduce stars like Elvis, Buddy, Fats, and Ricky. 


If your audience cherishes Doris Day, Peggy Lee,

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin

and other icons,

we’ve got them!

We love the 40s, 50s and 60s’ songwriters, girl groups,

early soul and Motown,

and all their celebrations

of everyday American life

that still resonate today.


It’s been a privilege to meet

so many new friends, and

Red & Yellow can’t wait

to meet you too!